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What is Pantiliners and how it is used for a Woman?

During the period, sanitary pad is used for convenience, in the same way, to avoid the vaginal discharge, the Pantiliners are available in the market, which not only feel fresh but also protects your expensive branded panties from becoming dirty and wet. Panty liners are needed to protect the panties during excess bleeding in the vagina discharge or period.

It can also be used as a sanitary pane and can be used again and again. For Hygiene every 4 hours, you will keep changing panties liners, so this will make you feel comfortable and relaxed during the marriage.

Let’s know what are panties liners and what is it needed in both?

What are panties liners?

These are exactly like the sanitary pads in appearance. But pants liners are much thinner than sanitary pads. So thin and tiny that even thinnest underwear does not appear. They have been specifically designed to absorb personal hygiene and vascular discharges. Like pads, sticky adhesive is also used to fix pants in their backside. So that you do not feel any problem.

When do you wear them?

However, you can wear it anytime, such as at a party or function or if you feel that you are discharged during the travel, you can still use it. The functioning of every woman’s body is different from the other. In days when vaginal discharge is more natural than natural days. Because of which you do not feel comfortable. Then you can use them. Also, when you have to do a lot of hard work. If you are more interested in sports, then you can use them to avoid wetness and discomfort.

When should they wear?

Many of us like to wear waxa discharge and wear them on a daily routine as hygiene. Although they are not recommended for regular wear, because doing so may feel a little suffocating and viscosity. Because of which the infection can occur. By using the same daily use, tension can also be felt on the private part. It is therefore better that you use them during more discharge days and change them after every hour.

If the use is done in the last days of the period

If you have the last day of the period, at that time, there is a problem of spotting instead of bleeding. Damage a pad for it, while panties can work from the liners. This will not even make you feel uncomfortable and your panties will not be too bad.

The skin friendly

Painter liner is highly diluted and soft, which protects your skin from spot marks and scratches in place of vagina. Panty liner maintains vaginal skin clean and dry by absorbing bleeding and other fluid disorders that occur during menstrual period. Panty liners can be taken anywhere due to dilution, so that if necessary, it can be easily felt using it.

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