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Most Expensive Things that Kareena Kapoor Owns

Most Expensive Things that Kareena Kapoor Owns

Bollywood’s most stylish actress and Fashion Diwas Kareena, we are telling you about the most expensive things Kareena has to do. Some of these things are such that you and perhaps we can not even dream of …


Birkin Handbags worth Rs. 10 Lakh.

Kareena is a celebrity of luxury vendor handbags and she is often seen carrying carbun handbags even during casual outings with airports, events and even friends. Kareena’s Barkin 35 disease is worth more than your car. The price of this bag of Kareena Kapoor is 10 lakh rupees.


Gucci T-Shirt worth Rs. 40,000.

Bollywood fashion designer Kareena Kapoor today celebrated her 38th birthday with white color which she celebrated wearing T-shirt worth 40 thousand rupees. With Blue Denim Jeans, Kareena wore a white colorful Gucci T-shirt, with the picture of the famous English singer Elton John printed. It is believed that Kareena is a big fan of Elton. This t-shirt of Kareena is worth 550 dollars or about 40 thousand rupees. By the way Gucci is Kareena’s favorite brand and Kareena has been seen in this brand’s T-shirt several times.


J’adior Sunglasses worth Rs. 50,000.

Like handbags, Kareena Kapoor Khan is also fond of Sunglasses and on every occasion, she is seen in different glasses. Sometimes in black color aviators, sometimes in Yellow Color tinted aviators … Kareena looks very smart at the ever-ever Black Eyed Sunglasses, in Cat Eye. Kareena also has sunglasses of J’adior brand which costs Rs 50 thousand.


Engagement Ring worth Rs. 75 Lakh.

Kareena Kapoor is not only a brand consoles but also a diamond fan, and that is why when Saif Ali Khan propose to marry Kareena, she made every effort to please her Lady Love. Saif, who chose the Engagement Ring for Kareena, is a diamond ring with a 5-carat platinum band worth Rs 75 lakh.


Lexus LX 470 CAR worth Rs 3 Crore.

Kareena is also very fond of Laghjouris trains. From Mercedes to the Range Rover and BMW, Kareena has many expensive cars. One of these cars is also the Lex brand’s LX 470 SUV which costs around Rs. 3 crores.


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